How might we use technology to solve some of the biggest challenges of our time?

We believe that the biggest challenges of our time can not be solved by one single person, but by collaboration from a diverse group of brilliant minds. We welcome you to take part in the Unsolved Unconference during Impact Week at Norrsken Foundation on September 17. We aim to create an energizing, inclusive and relaxed exchange of ideas, skills and knowledge.

So what is an unconference? An unconference is an unconventional conference. A gathering without predefined topics where you, the participants decide the topics and formats of the sessions as well as the outcome. You can either host a session, just participate or a combination of both. We will provide a high level structure and theme, with an opening and a closing. The actual topics are generated by you on the spot, and sessions will be formed based on interest and relevance. You are in charge!

There are a few guidelines that to help you make the most out of the Unconference.

  1. Law of two feet: If at any time you find yourself in any situation where you are neither learning nor contributing: go someplace else.
  2. The right people: Whoever shows up to the unconference and it’s sessions are the right people
  3. Active participation: this is not a passive conference, rather a co-owned and co-created space of active creation and participation. As a host, minimize lecture-style presentations.

Are you interested in hosting a session?

Great! It is really easy, and you don’t have to prepare anything beforehand unless you really want to. There will be some time during the unconference to create sessions, and there will be support to make your session awesome. With that said, below are some guidelines and things to consider when hosting a session at Norrsken Unsolved Unconference.

The role of a Session Host

The role of a host is as it implies, to host other participants and to explore a topic. Hosting can be anything from posing a question to the group, and let the group have a discussions, to designing and facilitating a workshop in several steps. Maybe you capture or document any ideas, actions or insights that comes from the discussions. There is no right or wrong way to host a session! This is an informal gathering of people, ideas and actions! 

What to think about if you want to be a Session Host
When creating a session in the Unconference, Hosts will be asked to fill in a template card and post it on the Marketplace board (essentially the co-created schedule of the unconference) This is the info that is required to host a session:

  • Name of your session
  • Name of the Host
  • Oneliner explaining the session (e.g: “An idea generation to come up with new guidelines for ethical A.I”, or “An informal sharing session on Github best practices”)
  • Type of session: (e.g: exploring a questions, sharing a skill, demo, ideating possibilities, working on a challenge, or whatever format suits your topic)

Once you have created your session, participants can sign up for it. Be prepared to host between 2-20 people!

Practical info about sessions

  • Each session will have a max participant limit of 20 people
  • Each session slot is 30 minutes long by default. If you want to host a longer session, simply book two or more slots in a row
  • Material available in all spaces: flipcharts, pens, paper, post-it’s. No screens are available. If you need any other material or devices for your session, please bring it yourself!

Demo Stage

During the unconference, we will also have an open Demo Stage. If you want to showcase your product or service, book a 5 min slot, bring your own computer to connect to the screen, and present to the audience!

  • You can connect to the screen via HDMI. If you don't have an HDMI, you need to bring your own adapter.
  • The demo stage can fit an audience of 200 people when completely filled.
  • Plan your presentation for 3-4 minutes rather than 5. Once your time is up, it's up.

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