🎉 The most brilliant impact tech unconference in the world - Norrsken House Stockholm Tuesday, SEP 17 - 2019 🎉 The most brilliant impact tech unconference in the world - Norrsken House Stockholm Tuesday, SEP 17 - 2019 🎉 The most brilliant impact tech unconference in the world - Norrsken House Stockholm Tuesday, SEP 17 - 2019 🎉

Tech 💻 + Mindset 🧠

Unsolved is an unconference unlike anything you've ever seen before. We're gathering the most brilliant minds in impact tech under the same roof for an entire day to hash out how we can use technology to solve some of the biggest challenges of our time.

Program 🗓

Doors open


Welcome to Unsolved

Main stage 20min


Main stage 60min

Lunch + Future of Food

Main stage 30min

Hack for Impact & Unconference (all day)


Hack for Impact Pitches

Main stage 60min

After work

Townhall 90min

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The quest for an impact unicorn 🦄

A tiny smartphone is powerful enough to guide 120 million Apollo 11 rockets to the moon. The tools to change the world are in the hands of millions. Yet we google cats. To us, life hacks aren't just about finding clever ways to make living easy, but about finding better ways to be humans. We investigate, ideate and invest with the ambition to create as much good as possible using what we know best: product and business development, creativity and technology. We are always data-driven with clear metrics and a strong demand for profit. But for us, profit is measured not in money, but in lives.

Hack for impact 🖖

Join us as we try to solve some of the biggest issues of our time. Hack for Impact is your chance to put your skills to the test. We invite you to join one of our impact tracks that will be lead by an expert. All the solutions will be open source and published on GitHub. At the end of the day, all the teams will pitch to the audience and the audience together with a jury will decide on the winners.

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Welcome to the house of impact

Norrsken House is an office space for entrepreneurs that run businesses with a vision to make the world a better place. We believe in technology as a great enabler and an important tool for solving problems more efficiently, and we strive to create an environment that supports and optimize for such entrepreneurs to do as much good as possible. On September 16th–19th 2019 Stockholm and Norrsken House will become the world’s center for startups that make the world a better place, giving them the attention they truly deserve!

Be a part of the solution

Want to join us in our exciting and ambitious journey towards creating impact unicorns and making impact tech the next “rockstar sector” of the world?

Reach out to us at unsolved@norrskenfoundation.org

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